Effect of PCB, DDT and Other Organochloride Compounds on Thiamine Metabolism in Rats
PCB, DDTその他含塩素系薬剤投与が白ネズミのビタミンB1代謝に及ぼす影響

Noriko YAGI
1979 Eiyo To Shokuryo  
To clarify the effect of PCB, DDT and other organochloride compounds on thiamine metabolism, rats were separated into six groups and placed on different admixed diets. Group 1 was fed a normal diet; group 2, a PCB supplemented diet; group 3, a DDT supplemented diet; group 4, a BHC supplemented diet; group 5, a diphenyl supplemented diet; group 6, a carbon tetrachloride supplemented diet. After 50 days of these dietary regimens all animals were sacrificed and various studies were done on the
more » ... sed tissues. In PCB treated rats, thiamine levels in blood, liver and sciatic nerve decreased, transketolase activity in erythrocytes and liver decreased and TPP effect in erythrocytes and liver increased. In DDT treated rats, thiamine levels in blood, brain and liver decreased, transketolase activity in brain and liver decreased and TPP effect in brain and liver increased. In other groups, no significant changes were observed regarding thiamine metabolism. These findings provide direct evidence that changes occur in thiamine metabolism in PCB and DDT poisoned rats.
doi:10.4327/jsnfs1949.32.55 fatcat:yfxfbaaugnb5xjl6hfoaus33gi