Der Geschichtsbegriff in Ignacio Ellacurías "Philosophie der geschichtlichen Realiät"

Josef Heinzl
2010 unpublished
It ist the intent of Ignacio Ellacuría's Filosofía de la realidad histórica to draft a concept of history that embraces the full reality, avoiding the aporisms of both idealism and naturalism. History turns into the primary object of philosophy as our intellection depends as much on the course of history as on the forms of reality themselves. For Ellacuría, history is a structured dynamic whole, whose bottom level is matter. Although his draft differs significantly from the material
more » ... because the course of history is unpredictable and the historic dynamisms cannot be reduced to materialistic ones. The dynamism that embraces all the others is the historical praxis. In its execution mankind is not only actor and agent but also author of history. it is the highest form of realizing reality. It revels what is history and mankind. Due to its open character it is also a remaining challenge, because in the historical praxis the question about the end of history as well as the ethical question about a humane reality is decided.
doi:10.25365/thesis.12557 fatcat:lddk52xyd5acjmd2n6f4o5i3di