Test case generation using stochastic automata networks: quantitative analysis

C. Bertolini, A.G. Farina, P. Fernandes, F.M. Oliveira
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods, 2004. SEFM 2004.  
The software engineering community has been using Markov Chains (MC) to describe usage models. We have been working on the use of a more sophisticated discrete state formalism: Stochastic Automata Networks (SAN). SAN is a formalism with the same power of description as MC; however, a system in SAN is described as a collection of subsystems described by local states, transitions and synchronizing events, allowing higher modularity and maintainability. We present a description of SAN formalism,
more » ... well as quantitative analysis of the modeling examples considering the generation time, quality of the test suites.
doi:10.1109/sefm.2004.1347529 fatcat:ggto6syie5gjlctoblueuh7scu