Exosomes derived from HEK293T cells interact in an efficient and noninvasive manner with mammalian sperm in vitro

Teresa Vilanova-Perez, Celine Jones, Stefan Balint, Rebecca Dragovic, Michael L Dustin, Marc Yeste, Kevin Coward
2020 Nanomedicine  
Aim: To investigate exosomes as a noninvasive delivery tool for mammalian sperm. Materials & Methods: Exosomes were isolated from HEK293T cells and co-incubated with boar sperm in vitro. Results: Internalised exosomes were detected within 10 min of co-incubation. Computer-assisted sperm analysis and flow cytometry demonstrated that even after 5-h of exposure to exosomes, there were no significant deleterious effects with regard to sperm motility, viability, membrane integrity and mitochondrial
more » ... and mitochondrial membrane potential (p > 0.05), thus indicating that exosomes did not interfere with basic sperm function. Conclusion: HEK293T-derived exosomes interacted with boar sperm without affecting sperm function. Exosomes represent a versatile and promising research tool for studying sperm biology and provide new options for the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility.
doi:10.2217/nnm-2020-0056 pmid:32794431 fatcat:7g6tbvkjj5clzoohnvbqiglebu