I Wayan Widana
2022 Education. Innovation. Diversity.  
Self-regulated learning and critical reasoning are two important dimensions in government policies to improve the quality of education which is manifested in the form of the Pancasila student profile. These two dimensions are able to describe the character and competencies of students that must be possessed in the Industrial Revolution 4.0. This research is a meta-analytic study that aims to analyze the relationship between self-regulated learning and mathematical critical reasoning abilities.
more » ... ata were collected through searching scientific articles that have been published in scientific journals and proceedings in the period 2018-2020. There were 10 research samples that matched the exclusion and inclusion criteria. The data were analyzed using the JASP V-0.11. The results of heterogeneity test with a value of Q=111.610 and p=0.0010.05. The effect size model used was the random effect model. The results showed that the mean effect size was 0.72 in the moderate effect category and the results of the Funnel Plot and Egger's Test with a value of z=1.368 and p=0.1710.05 indicated that there was no publication bias. In conclusion, self-regulated learning is strongly correlated with mathematical critical reasoning.
doi:10.17770/eid2022.1.6739 fatcat:j4ep2wbekfehtpvwm4skulnnoe