TCP adaptation with network coding and opportunistic data forwarding in multi-hop wireless networks

Chen Zhang, Yuanzhu Chen, Cheng Li
2016 PeerJ Computer Science  
Opportunistic data forwarding significantly increases the throughput in multi-hop wireless mesh networks by utilizing the broadcast nature of wireless transmissions and the fluctuation of link qualities. Network coding strengthens the robustness of data transmissions over unreliable wireless links. However, opportunistic data forwarding and network coding are rarely incorporated with TCP because the frequent occurrences of out-of-order packets in opportunistic data forwarding and long decoding
more » ... and long decoding delay in network coding overthrow TCP's congestion control. In this paper, we propose a solution dubbed TCPFender, which supports opportunistic data forwarding and network coding in TCP. Our solution adds an adaptation layer to mask the packet loss caused by wireless link errors and provides early positive feedbacks to trigger a larger congestion window for TCP. This adaptation layer functions over the network layer and reduces the delay of ACKs for each coded packet. The simulation results show that TCPFender significantly outperforms TCP/IP in terms of the network throughput in different topologies of wireless networks.
doi:10.7717/peerj-cs.89 fatcat:3njf4qw2mreahdjfw2mlg2l5a4