Flash Translation Layer for Heterogeneous NAND Flash-based Storage Devices Based on Access Patterns of Logical Blocks
논리 블록의 접근경향을 활용한 이종 낸드 플래시 기반 저장장치를 위한 Flash Translation Layer

Kwanhu Bang, Sang-Hoon Park, Hyuk-Jun Lee, Eui-Young Chung
2013 Journal of the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers  
The market for NAND flash-based storage devices has grown significantly as they rapidly replace traditional disk-based storage devices. Heterogeneous NAND flash-based storage devices using both multi-level cell (MLC) and single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash memories are also actively researched since both types of memories complement each other. Heterogeneous NAND flash-based storage devices suffer from the overheads incurred by migration from SLC to MLC and garbage collection of SLC. This paper
more » ... of SLC. This paper proposes a new flash translation layer (FTL) for heterogeneous NAND flash-based storage devices to reduce the overheads by utilizing SLC efficiently. The proposed FTL analyzes the access patterns of logical blocks and selects and stores only logical blocks expected to bring performance improvement in SLC. The experimental results show that the total execution time of heterogeneous NAND flash-based storage devices with our proposed FTL scheme is 35% shorter than that with the previously proposed best FTL scheme.
doi:10.5573/ieek.2013.50.5.094 fatcat:jsjovpe36jbu5jhdupnbft62se