Eliminating Vice From Camp Cities

Major Bascom Johnson
1918 The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science  
60 and students of sociology were rather startled by the announcement that twenty-nine per cent or nearly one-third of the young men of America between the ages of 21 and 31 were found physically unfit for military service. This emphasizes the necessity for routine physical examination for the discovery of incipient diseases or physical defects. It also emphasizes the value of a routine military service even for its physical benefit as well as its necessity for national protection in America
more » ... ction in America today. The solution of all of these problems rests in the hands of the educated and thoughtful people of America, who must see to it that those in the ignorant classes are given the necessary instruction either by medical men, nurses, or civic organizations in the principles of health and hygiene. Patriotic duty demands active co6peration with health authorities and obedience to rules and regulations which are the crystallized sentiment of the best scientific minds of the country. Education without health is useless, and education is far more useful than legislation. We have enough laws on our statute books to last for fifty years, but unless we realize that it is necessary to obey these laws and that health is a physiologic function of the community our efforts will be in vain.
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