Mitigating Denial of Service Attacks in OLSR Protocol Using Fictitious Nodes

Varalakshmi, Pg Scholar
2016 unpublished
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks(MANET) geared towards routing efficiency. The resulting protocols tend to various attacks. Number of solutions has been proposed for different types of attacks however these solutions often compromiserouting efficiency or network overload. One major attack is DDOS attack against the OptimizedLink State Routing protocol (OLSR) known as the node isolation attack. It occurs whentopological knowledge of the network is exploited by an attacker who is able to isolate the
more » ... rom the rest of the network. In this project, it suggests a novel solution to defend the OLSRprotocol from node isolation attack by employing the same tactics used by the attack itself.Through extensive experimentation it demonstrates the proposed protection prevents more than95% of attacks and the overhead required drastically decreases the network size and it increasesuntil it is non-discernable. Lastly the main solution of this type is to extend the similar DDOS attacks on OLSR.DDOS attack, distracting application service reasonably todiminish the network resource, has occurred as a larger threat to network services, compared to the common DOS attack. Due to its high similarity to real traffic and much lower launching overhead than common DDOS attack, this attack type cannot be well detected or prevented by existing detection solutions. To identify DOS attack, propose a novel group testing (GT)-based approach deployed on servers which are back end, to find short detection delay and low false positive/negative rate.