The relevance of the application mukoactive preparations in patients with inflammatory pathology of ent organs

V. M. Svistushkin, G. N. Nikiforova, D. M. Pshonkina, O. Yu. Karpovа
2018 Medical Council  
The mucous membrane of the respiratory tract is the first line of protection of the human body from various damaging agents. This function is provided by mucociliary clearance and its component by mucociliary transport. Optimum work of ciliated epithelium is possible only with normal rheology of mucous secretion - viscosity, elasticity, adhesiveness. The development of mucociliary dysfunction is the main pathogenetic mechanism of almost all inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract and
more » ... atory tract and middle ear. The main areas of treatment for patients with infectious and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract and ear are evacuation of the pathological secretion, restoration of the synthesis of physiological mucus and a positive effect on the restructuring of the respiratory epithelium. The effectiveness of a mucoactive drug is determined by its ability to directly affect several components of mucociliary clearance - regulation of viscosity and secretion composition, its formation processes and evacuation rate. These characteristics correspond to carbocysteine.
doi:10.21518/2079-701x-2018-20-65-69 fatcat:gr4tki2hlng55jx2d6wbpo2dmi