Exploring the Continued Intention in Playing Mobile Games

Ying-Kit Ho, Qian-Ning Huang, Ming-Yin Cheung, Hoi-Lam Lee, Ying-Wai Chan
2016 Journal of Communication and Education   unpublished
Mobile games have become popular in recent years and people play mobile games during their spare time. Th is study exp lored the reasons why people keep on playing mob ile games. The research question is: What drives people to continue to play mobile games. It was hypothesized that perceived enjoyment and subjective norms influenced people's continued intention on playing mobile games. A survey was distributed through Facebook and set up in GoogleDoc, with 200 co mp leted valid questionnaires.
more » ... id questionnaires. The result showed that perceived enjoyment had a significant and positive relationship to continued intention of p laying mob ile games (β = 0.232, p < .001), and subjective norms also had a positive relat ionship with continued intention (β = 0.462, p < .001). The adjusted R-Squared value o f perceived enjoy ment and subjective norms to continued intention was 0.357. The imp lications of these findings were discussed.