An Automated Human Queue Management Using Conveyor Belt, Sensors and Controller at Public Places, Holy Places or Shrines

Master Ajinkya Kale
2017 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
As technology is evolving rapidly with changing time, automation has become a crucial aspect of human's life to reduce the human effort. This has also played an important role in providing comfort and security to people which is also needed to overcome immense crowd at public places. Moreover, at the same time it is mandatory to manage people standing in the queue. Presently, human intervention is required to carry out security and management at all places. Many a times only a security guard or
more » ... a security guard or two will try to control the queue but when there is absence of security or management personnel in that case these tasks are left to an individual who stands in queue. The main aim of this invention is to provide systems and methods for an Automated Human Queue Management at Public places, Holy places or Shrines in the world. The proposed system incorporates two important belts for queue, one at service/site window and the other one at the entry point of the service/site location. According to the requirement many possible combinations of belts, boom bars as separators and sensors are feasible and can be fixed at diverse trace points on the belts. The complete belt movement, the boom bar movements for security and the sensors operations are done automatically using hardware controller controlled by a server computer or an embedded device. The complete operational flow of the intended system is described in further section and the drawing of the invention.
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2017.11363 fatcat:h4rkb6mxeba7zoz35r4e4uyeze