2019 AGROFOR  
Understanding living conditions is critical to the understanding of female farmers'way of life. They are fundamental to people's lives and vary from person to person.Normatively speaking, a good life cannot be achieved without having good livingconditions. The term living conditions, either as a target of different politicalinterests, agendas and priorities or closely related to private spheres of life, refersto the circumstances surrounding an individual's life. This paper: (I) aims to
more » ... (I) aims to definethe multidimensional concept of living conditions, (II) considers the importance ofthe concept and its application, and (III) offers statistically proven insights into theliving conditions of female farmers in Austria. The analysis is based on select datafrom the female farmers' surveys in Austria. All in all, the results reveal thedevelopment from 2006 to 2016. The areas examined (education, financialindependence, civic engagement, work-life balance, social network and jobsatisfaction) show a positive development but there is also room for improvement –especially in the cases of financial inclusion and work life balance. Moreover, thereis clearly a need to learn more about the living conditions of female farmers –especially in connection with their lifestyle, and other concepts such as quality oflife, social inclusion and standard of living. Finally this paper tries to elaborate onthe need for further research and future perspectives.
doi:10.7251/agreng1901005q fatcat:cutbum4o2bhl5a35ez3ykxxgwu