Modification Principle of Taeeumjowi-tang in Sasang Medicine
태음조위탕(太陰調胃湯) 약물 가감(加減) 원리

Seungwon Shin, Jiwon Lee, Minwoo Hwang, Junhee Lee, Byunghee Koh, Euiju Lee
2016 Journal of Sasang Constitutional Medicine  
Objectives This study aimed at proposing a hypothetical principle to add or abstract herbs for modifying Taeeumjowi-tang. Methods Based on Jema Lee's literatures such as Dongyisusebowon and Dongyisasangsipyeon, we analyzed contents related to Taeeumjowi-tang and its modification. Moreover, we reviewed physiological and pathological pecularities of Taeeumin symptomatology and applied the theory to induce the principle of the modified Taeeumjowi-tang in Sasang medicine. Results and Conclusions 1)
more » ... and Conclusions 1) We have found 10 modified Taeeumjowi-tang from Dongyisasangsipyeon. 2) Mahwangjowi-tang (麻黃調胃湯), Gogijowi-tang (固氣調胃湯), Shingijowi-tang (腎氣調胃湯), Euiyiinjowi-tang (薏 苡仁調胃湯), Gamijowi-tang (加味調胃湯), and Gyeongheomjowi-tang (經驗調胃湯) are modified for Taeeumin who have original symptoms of more severe cold tendency. Especially, Gogijowi-tang helps to circulate energy-fluid from esophagus to skin, while Shingijowi-tang directly aids the function of esophagus. 3) Seungjijowi-tang (升芷調胃湯), Seunggeumjowi-tang (升芩調胃湯), Seunggijowi-tang (承氣調胃湯), and Jowisokmyung-tang (調胃續命湯) are modified for Taeeumin who have originally cold symtoms, accompanied by heat tendencies. Especially, Seungjijowi-tang helps to eliminate mild heat existing throughout skin and flesh, while Seunggeumjowi-tang gets rid of severe heat swarming in the flesh parts. Seunggijowi-tang can take away the most severe heat symptoms in the whole body
doi:10.7730/jscm.2016.28.3.215 fatcat:iraag7csijfmrdj2byvc4kt7fe