Траекторный анализ в коллекторе с многоступенчатой рекуперацией энергии для прототипа гиротрона DEMO. Часть I. Идеализированное распределение магнитного поля

О.И. Лукша, П.А. Трофимов, В.Н. Мануилов, М.Ю. Глявин
2021 Журнал технической физики  
The results of modeling of collector for the gyrotron prototype being developed for the DEMO project are presented. A trajectory analysis in a collector with a 4-stage recovery of the residual beam energy based on the method of spatial separation of electrons in crossed azimuthal magnetic and axial electric fields was performed. In this part of the study, the formation of the azimuthal magnetic field was carried out using a conductor located on the axis of the device. The study was performed
more » ... a spent electron beam with a velocity and coordinate distribution of particles close to those obtained in experiments with powerful gyrotrons. Due to a thorough choice of the geometry of the collector sections, a total gyrotron efficiency of more than 80% was achieved, which is close to maximum efficiency with perfect separation of fractions of an electron beam with different energies. The data obtained will be used for development of a toroidal solenoid designed to create an azimuthal magnetic field.
doi:10.21883/jtf.2021.01.50284.123-20 fatcat:xpnhpd2mp5bm3buytyjydny2cq