Discussion on the Application and Supervision Strategy of Digital Copyright Protection from the Perspective of Blockchain

2022 The Frontiers of Society, Science and Technology  
Blockchain is a relatively novel existence in the development process of the new era, which protects the development and progress of China's modern economy to a certain extent. Moreover, in the process of using this modern blockchain technology, it also directly highlights the advantages and characteristics of its operation. The industry of digital copyright is also an important existence in the development of modern society in China, especially from the perspective of blockchain. Under such
more » ... conditions, this paper actively carries out more detailed research and exploration from three perspectives: the advantages of blockchain technology in digital copyright application, the problems faced in digital copyright protection application from the perspective of blockchain, and the analysis of digital copyright protection application and supervision strategy from the perspective of blockchain.
doi:10.25236/fsst.2022.040214 fatcat:cxoutxjp25hlza7wua4ss3me3u