Wpływ czasu użytkowania na właściwości włóknin Maliwatt stosowanych jako zabezpieczenie przeciwerozyjne skarp
Effect of time of use on properties of Maliwatt nonwovens used as slope erosion control

Joanna GRZYBOWSKA-PIETRAS, University of Bielsko-Biala, Department of Civil Engineering, Patrycja DERBIN, University of Bielsko-Biala
2021 Polish Journal of Materials and Environmental Engineering  
The additional artificial elements have been implemented into weak soil to improve and stabilize the structures. The most frequent example is use of geosynthetics materials that increase stability, improve bearing capacity of soil, protect against surface erosion, affect into properties connected with filtration and drainage. The basic methods to protect against erosion of slopes is selected planting of grass and vegetation that prevent surface destruction. The application of biodegradable
more » ... xtiles allows to increase the positive impact on local stability of slopes. Advanced geotextiles support the vegetation growth by protection against dewatering. The geotextiles with grass seeds, biomates and fabrics made of natural fibers are frequently used in these applications. The physical, mechanical and hydraulic properties of applied materials should correspond to the purpose of built structure and type of soil. The paper presents results of research of the Maliwatt type nonwovens. The analysis includes: the influence of different type of Maliwatt nonwovens and time of their use on selected physical, mechanical and hydraulic properties of these materials. The research was done by use of biotextile stitched with the Maliwatt technique that is available on the Polish market. The geotextiles were obtained from waste synthetic and natural nonwovens (RKL) with grass seeds, and innovative non-woven fabrics stitched with polyamide yarn (Maliwatt) obtained from low-quality washed sheep wool. The impact of the type of non-woven fabric on the growth of grasses was also analyzed. Research included spreading of 2 types of nonwovens on a natural slope with natural soil cover for 5 months period. All tests were performed in accordance with the applicable harmonized standards.
doi:10.53052/pjmee.2021.2.05 fatcat:byhl2tbpgvcxxmjnwligd2dhby