P-11 水熱条件下における有機態リンの無機化・有機物のガス化特性
P-11 Characteristics of Mineralization of Organic Phosphorus and Gasification of Organic Material under Hydrothermal Condition

Soshi Hashimoto, Yukihiko Matsumura
Proceedings of the Conference on Biomass Science  
Recently, depletion of phosphorus resource and its impact on economics has become a serious problem. Thus, recovery of inorganic phosphorus from sewage sludge using hydrothermal treatment is proposed as the effective solution for this problem. However, detailed reaction characteristics of organic phosphorus contained in sewage sludge have not been
doi:10.20550/jiebiomassronbun.14.0_69 fatcat:hksyyyqgbzbjjjjxlejzcnmo7a