Correlation between traits of spring barley varieties

К. В. Компанець, М. Р. Козаченко, Н. І. Васько, О. Г. Наумов, П. М. Солонечний, С. І. Святченко
2016 Plant Breeding and Seed Production  
Results and discussion. The allocated high affectivity relationship to productivity of the plants with mass of the cob and mass grain with cob beside all biotypes line as well as with amount cob on plant beside su1 and su1se1 types. Beside sh2 forms to him joined the amount grain abreast. On the other sign noted average and low unessential relationship. High active relations of the contents of the sucrose were correlation beside su1 line and the general sugary in grain with amount cob on plant,
more » ... mass 1000 grain, beside sh2 -with mass grain with cob, diameter of the cob and sign vegetation period, but beside su 1 se1 -with mass grain with cob, amount grain abreast, diameter of the cob, amount of the rows grain and amount grain with cob. The Rest signs practically had weakened relationship with contents sugar. Сonclusions. Use constantly active high correlation relationships to productivity and quality grain in join with beside weakly correlation grain economic-valuable sign enlarges efficiency of the associative selection high productivity line with high contents sugar. According to result regression analysis, such signs as "amount cob on plant", "long and diameter of the cob" and "long grain" with high power can influence upon possibility of the improvement linear material at increasing their parameter.
doi:10.30835/2413-7510.2016.74194 fatcat:76xbsriew5efbm6qx2bcdpbt7a