The level of adhesion molecules in polycystic ovary syndrome

L.A. Mogylnytska
2021 Reproductive health of woman  
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is characterized by dysfunction of the ovaries, hyperandrogenism and combination of metabolic disorders that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.The objective: of the investigation was to study the serum level of adhesion molecules (ICAM-1, VCAM-1 and E-selectin) in women with PCOS with different body weights as a marker of endothelial dysfunction, and their relationship with other factors of cardiovascular pathology.Materials and methods. 45
more » ... women with PCOS were examined, among whom a group of obese people – 23 women (age: 22,82±3,03 years, BMI 35,67±4,6) and a non-obese – 22 women (age: 22,81±2,03 years, BMI 22,35±2,16). The control group included 20 women aged 20,15±2,15 years, BMI 21,32±2,19. The serum level of ICAM-1, VCAM-1 and E-selectin was determined by the enzyme immunoassay. The significance of the differences of mean values was determined by the Student's t-test. Correlation and multivariate regression analysis was used to assess the relationship between the studied factors,.Results. We revealed a significant increase of the serum level of adhesion molecules in obese and non-obese women with PCOS in comparison with women in the control group: ICAM-1 – +54,18%, +36,72%, respectively (p<0,0001), VCAM-1 – +50,76%, +36,33% respectively (p<0,0001), E-selectin – +40,24%, +29,56% respectively (p<0,0001). The concentration of these factors was higher in obese women with PCOS compared to non-obese women with PCOS: ICAM-I – +12,76% (p=0,04), VCAM-1 – +10,58% (p=0,009), E-selectin – +8,24% (p=0,03); p<0,05. The relationship was established between insulin content, HOMA and Caro index, lipid metabolism, hyperandrogenemia and an increase of serum level of adhesion molecules (p<0,01).Conclusions. As a result of our study, an increase of serum level of adhesion molecules in PCOS was revealed, both in combination with obesity and normal body weight, which may be a manifestation of endothelial dysfunction in this pathological condition. An increase in the content of ICAM-1, VCAM-1, E-selectin may be associated with insulin resistance, dyslipidemia and hyperandrogenism.
doi:10.30841/2708-8731.2.2021.232555 fatcat:bausvwv2krb6xgx5dufpcuyhpa