Enhanced cold field emission from 〈100〉 oriented β–W nanoemitters

J. P. Singh, F. Tang, T. Karabacak, T.-M. Lu, G.-C. Wang
2004 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B Microelectronics Processing and Phenomena  
Well-aligned ␤-phase W͑100͒ nanorods having square-base pyramidal apexes were grown on oxidized Si͑100͒ substrate using glancing angle deposition technique with substrate rotation. The field emission characteristics of nanorods were measured using scanning tunneling microscope ͑STM͒ tip as an extraction anode. A highly confined emission current of about 23 A was obtained at a low extraction voltage of ϳ260 V at ϳ280 nm anode-cathode distance with Ͻ3% fluctuations over ϳ2 h. The Fowler-Nordheim
more » ... lot of the field emission characteristics of nanorods is nonlinear compared with the linear behavior from a conventional W film. The STM topography after the field emission showed a type of nanolips structure grown over the pyramidal apex, which was suggested to enhance and stabilize the emission current.
doi:10.1116/1.1736642 fatcat:hnvdrzwd3jefdfwlh27quxunyq