The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, March 2, 1922] [article]

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Subscription 12 00 Ycjriy in Advance RAILWAY^ DOINGS Cowichan Lake Logging Stir* *niings In Duncan Developments in the logi^inR indus* try at Cowichan Lake and along the route of the branch line thither are rc> fleeted in E. & N. R. circles in Duncan. Two logging trains arc now being operated daily and it is possible that, ere long, a third may be added. Mr. Frank W. Dibb is conductor of the second train; Mr. J. A. Kyle being in charge of the first Mr. Dibb is an old employee of the line. He
more » ... moved from Esciuimalt and. with his wife and two little girls, is now occu* pying Mrs. Clague's house on Duncan townsite. Mr. H. E. Beasley, genersd'superin tendent, and Mr. J. D. Fraser, superin tendent were al. Cowsahnn Lake yes terday. and also on the preceding \Vednesday. Among improvements which are be ing contemplated are the installation «f more trackage at Duncan or Hay ward Junction, and further attention tc the ballasting of the lake line. Repair Flood Damage Last week Mr. John Anderson's gang, under Mr. T. S. Wilson, roadtnastcr, paid considerable attention to the damage done by high water during 4he past season. At the Cowichan River bridge a considerable amount of rip rap work has been done on the left bank upstream to prevent further croaion. Steel rails were laid and rock Irom the Koksilah quarry dumped. Work of the same nature has also been performed at the Koksilah and Chemainus rivers. The swift flood waters considerably scored the banks «f these streams near the bridges. North of and a^oining the Royal Standard agency. Front street. Dun-«an, the tracks have been taken up. Just where the fuel oil tanks formerly •food. This space has been leased by Cowichan Merchants. Ltd., who will •hortly erect there a warehouse to aceommodate carload lots of commodi ties. The building will have over 1,200 square feet of floor space and will house such goods as cement, building material, and drain tiles. The cost of haulage on these heavy goods will thus be cut and cheaper prices can then be offered. CITY emm Successful Applicant Has Had Extensive Experience From twenty-five applicant.^ Duncan police commissioners on Monday se lected Mr. .Albert Jesse Merry to fill the position of city constable and to perform the many other duties set fort., in the advertisement. Mr. Merry has already begun his duties. He has had an extintive and varied dice experience in England. .Au^t^a• and Canada. He served for five years in the Hertfordshire County Constabulary, transferring in 1899 to the Cambridge Borough Police force, where he rose to be sergeant and act ing inspector. In 1911 he left England for Austplia and was Commissioner's detective on the New Sooth Wale.i Government Railways. Two years later, when the Commonwealth took over naval ad ministration from the Imperial author ities. Mr. Merry organized and com manded the .Australian Commonwealth Kaval Dockyard police (55 personnel), which took over duties hitherto per formed by the Royal Marines. These were constabulary and fire brigade du ties at the four naval establishments in Sydney. Special War Service Daring the first two year> of the war he was actively eng.iged in secret .service work for the Naval Intelligence department. On the completion of this engagement, he endeavoured to get hack to England to enlist. He wa.s unable to secure passage for bi.s wife and daughter, and so came to \ aneouvrr, where he was confronted with similar regulations. He accordingly enlUted in the Cana dian forces and performed secret ser vice duties while attached to the Mili tary Intelligence department ai Vic toria. Sub-sequcntly he transferred to the Canadian Military Police. C.F..F.. and was promoted staff sergeant in charge of the clerical department at headquarters. Victoria. Since Octolicr last Mr. M«rry has been employed l»y the Canadian C«*llicric.s, Ladysmith. His only son went overseas with the .Australian forces and was wounded in France. His daughter, now married to Mr C. J Femancc. has recently come to the is land. with her husband, from Clarence river. N.S.W.. where they were farm ing. Mrs. Merry will join her hus band here as soon as they can find a house. In addition to police and fire quali fications. Mr. Merry studied in F.nglaod for the certificate of the Sanitary association. He has the St. John Am bulance qualifications. He i^ also an instrumentalist. The police commissioners gave due consideration to a letter from the Cowichan G. W. V. A., asking that they do their best to appoint a return ed solcier with overseas experience, preferably a local man. Mr. C. H. Dickie. M.P.-clect. left Duncan on Tuesday for Ottawa, to at., tend the opening of Parliament. He represents the constituency of Nanai mo. and the good wishes of the people at large go with him. he would undertake the repair and up keep of the city's streets fc 1922 at a fixed lump sum The council seemed to think the suggestion of value, and left it to the masror to go into details and report. Last Saturday the council inspected the streets. The grader is now being used effectively on some of the roads. The Royal Canadian Humane So ciety wrote for details of the fire in which Mr. Emmett Fourier distin guished himself. These the firewar dens will give. Mayor Miller. .Aldermen Dickie. Pitt, Smythr, and Whittington w*ere in atteodauce. BEWARE OF NARCOTICS Chased from Cities Drug Peddlers Take To Country BecaiiM' of th< piiMieitj which i-be-'itg given to ihe eamj>aigti ag.iitisl the -.lie ami u-c of narcotic •irng-in Vanc--nver. -oir.t of tin-ilrng inddlers arr t.iking I • C'o,r in the -'•lall t-ovn-and rural pari-of the prov in.'.. where they are c-.iiiinuing fluir iiefariou-trade. Bccau-e o* till-prov ince-vviilc moral .m.i health jiroldetn. ihe pr.ivincial ili vi*ioii of t!'e L'anad an Red Gri*-s -ending thi-warning |«> !>■ ptiblishnl ill evi-ry newspaper in the t*rovince in order that not ..niv the offickil-hut all cilt/vn-. e-|>eci.dly leachtr-and I•,•|r^l1l*. -hould Ik-on the alert agaiti-t the in-nliou-traffic in drug-. Dance hall-iiei.t -pecial waichitig. Watch the -..anger in ttovn. \v«od "sn.ivv" panic-, where snuff icocainel i-giv»n. Cb -e chaperonage .-f girl-is the greate-i safeguard, an I parent-should in-i-t c greatly missed in Chemainus. Mr. Long will houses on that street, and Henley hi>tel. out near Clover Point. W r pastured our cows on Beacon take a holiday before beginning work I a»<l the land between those again. two points. What a change today-.Acording to the stories of .Mr. andi^H I'uill up with homes, and. let Mrs. Simpson, who live on the Chase hope, happy ones. Hut, to the storm, the last named live . , ranch, there was another peculiar oc currence there last Thursday. Mrs. Simpson says that about 11 a.m. on returning to the kitchen from the woodshcii. she was approached from behind by a man who warned her not to look rounil as he had her covered. Cpon her refusal t<» reveal the ad dress of Mr. Chase she says that the man tied her feet with a cloth, put a stocking over her mouth and tied her hands together with cord fastened to a hook in the ceiling. .<lie became aware of another man in the house and that the two ransacked through papers and then went away. They touched no money though $60 was evidently visible to them. Mr. Simp.son says that on returning after 3 p.m. from \Vestlioline he found his wife tied up in ihis manner. He looked around for the men but sawnothing. The hahy was not touched or injured. Constable J. Rufus Smith was on the scene immediately and Constable Beard soon afterwards took charge of the case. .\s Mrs. Simpson was un able to furnish a description of the men the police were considerably handicapped. Mr. and Mrs. Simpson with Mr. Stephen Chase. Seattle, were in \ ictoria on Friday communicating wiili the provincial police. Last Dccem-uartners Metchosin.
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