Image Enhancement using Recursive Separate Standard Intensity Deviation Based Clipped Sub Image Histogram Equalization

To improve image contrast, this paper introduces a recursive separate standard intensity deviation based clipped sub image histogram equalization method. This is an extension of standard intensity deviation value based sub image histogram equalization algorithm, in terms of histogram separation and equalization. In existing equalization methods do not effectively utilizes the information from different region in equalization process. In this scheme, the image histogram is bisected based on
more » ... ard intensity deviation value. The further separation is carried out based on the specific region threshold value and the resulting four sub histograms are equalized individually. This is an effective method for enhancing, low exposure, medical and mammogram images and for addressing the over-enhancement problem. The performance evaluation of the proposed method is presented with the help of average information and visual quality assessment and the proposed algorithm outperforms existing recursive algorithms based on histogram equalization.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.c8515.019320 fatcat:zubzts3slrhezb4dweamvihzyi