Khaled Rashed, Chistiane Feitosa2, Felipe Pereira, Silva Santos3
2018 Indian Journal of Drugs   unpublished
Cassia fistula Linn is an ornamental, and flowering tree. It is a plant from Leguminosae family and it cultivated in all over the world because of its yellow flowers and its several medicinal uses. The pulp from the fruit is an effective laxative. The leaves are used for skin disorders. The root is used as a tonic and also help in reducing fever. Phytochemical evaluations showed tha it is a valuable medicinal plant. C. fistula is known to be a good source of phenolic compounds, it is rich
more » ... of tannins, flavonoids and glycosides. Pharmacological investigations proved antibacterial, antidiabetic, antifertility, anti-inflammatory antioxidant, hypatoprotective, antitumor, antifungal activities from the plant. This review aimed to give detailed information about the several phytochemicals isolated from different parts and various bioactivities from all the parts of C. fistula.