Pneumonia and its social representations
La neumonía y sus representaciones sociales

Alicia Hamui-Sutton, Haiko Nellen-Hummel, Miguel Angel Fernández-Ortega, José Halabe-Cherem
Revista medica del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social  
To correlate the sociostructural variables with the knowledge about pneumonia and to explore the social representations about the etiology, prevention, development and treatment in poor communities. A survey in 848 adults from seven Rural Health Centers affiliated to IMSS-Oportunidades Program in four States, was carried out. One-third of the sample did not understand the term pneumonia; 35 % of the patients with risk factors did not know its etiology; 43 % did not know about associated
more » ... associated complications but 85 % considered that it causes death. The use of antibiotics was recognized as a therapeutic measure by 78 % and 20 % did not know how to prevent pneumonia. The findings showed a positive attitude to immunization but inadequate information about respiratory diseases. In neighborhoods with insufficient public services (purified water, electricity and paved roads) the ignorance about pneumonia tended to increase.
pmid:20141668 fatcat:4ilgo2cmhff7hdiswa7xmknnmy