Flexible And Efficient Accelerator Architecture For Runtime Monitoring

Danny Deng
for giving me the opportunity to work under his guidance. As his first student, Ed gave me the opportunity to work on some really interesting projects. At the same time, Ed also challenged me to become more articulate, to write more coherently, and to gain a more in-depth understanding of the trade-offs in research and design. I would like to give special thanks to both of my special committee members, Professor José Martínez and Professor Rajit Manohar for their guidance and support. Through
more » ... eir classes and feedback on my work, I gained a greater understanding and appreciation for the nuances of architecture and logic design. I also thank and acknowledge the members of my research group, the Trusted Systems Group, which I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with over the time that I spent at Cornell. I thank in no particular order,
doi:10.7298/x40k26h3 fatcat:rpga7lmt5zed7gxx6jc3rjliqa