Velocities of acoustic streaming in a solid-liquid mixture generated by an ultrasonic wave (Particles and particle concentration)

Junichi OHTA, Masahiro IGUCHI, Masahito ONARU
2014 Journal of Fluid Science and Technology  
Progressive ultrasonic waves cause acoustic streaming in a liquid. Although theoretical and experimental studies on acoustic streaming for liquid phase have been carried out, acoustic streaming for a solid-liquid mixture does not seem to have been investigated. The purpose of this study is to clarify the velocity distribution of acoustic streaming in a solid-liquid mixture. An ultrasonic wave with a frequency of 485 kHz was horizontally irradiated on tap water with aluminum particles in a
more » ... articles in a cylindrical tube with a diameter of 120 mm whose orientation was kept horizontal; the acoustic streaming velocities were measured with the irradiation time of the ultrasonic wave, initial particle concentration, and particle shape as the parameters. The following results were obtained: (a) The higher the initial particle concentration is, the faster the acoustic streaming velocity of a solid-liquid mixture becomes; (b) When ultrasonic waves are irradiated on a liquid with heavier solid particles, the acoustic streaming velocity of the solid-liquid mixture decreases with irradiation time to a certain extent.
doi:10.1299/jfst.2014jfst0009 fatcat:epwyc333mfhldclal77g4gjjuy