Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology

Nedim Hodzic, Elma Ekinovic, Almir Kahriman
2015 unpublished
After passing a certain filtering process, the flue gases generated during fuel combustion process in the boiler of a thermal power plant are discharged into the environment by flue channels and a chimney. For a long time, the Thermal Power Plant "Kakanj" has used 300-meter chimney to discharge the treated flue gases into the environment. During the overhaul of the block 7 and reconstruction of 300-meter chimney, which were done in the period September-December 2014, it was shown necessary to
more » ... direct the flue gases from blocks 5 and 6 toward the 100-meter chimney. This paper presents the calculation of operating parameters and design analysis of 100-meter chimney in order to determine whether blocks 5 and 6 could work without problems when connected to 100-meter chimney. Also, the installation of new flue channels from blocks 5 and 6 to the 100-meter chimney is shown.