Republican Star 11-1817

(:Unkn) Unknown
r *.jr^* ^f K -"JL D -. -.'•"• •"*"' ' OT THE "REPUBLICAN __ terms are TWO DOLLARS tmd ^.TFFr CEJVTS-per Annum, payable half yearly, in 'advance. No paperscanbJB discontinued, until the same is paid fim > Advertisements Are inserted three weeks for One Dollar, and continued weekly for Twenty-five Cents per square. PLEATING Near St. Omer's, in Flanrfert^ber* lake, on which are many fidafwe isf the most part inhabited, und \ifcicn n/e njov«t b) means of cords attached Co dtroog po&ts drive n into
more » ... the earth. Upon one of1 thirst i in tr.y last, I promised to^onnnue the { ^" «» ««;«* «««'« » piujwr«u» « auy ^-«*> H.^.K-«J i of :he states before rrenhonea. And ^^mbjecuonwmehl had the pleasure o ; observation, I am assured -\<*t-* «mversmff wiiii you, for an hour, at
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