Retorno a lo múltiple. Metodología y análisis del programa iconográfico de la segunda sala hipóstila del templo de Seti I en Abidos

María Cruz Fernanz Yagüe, Universidad Complutense (España)
2020 Trabajos de Egiptología Papers on Ancient Egypt  
The set of scenes present in the second hypostyle hall of the temple of Sety I in Abydos allows us to carry out a study of its reliefs in order to approach the meaning of the attitudes, attributes, vestments, crowns and rituals, both of the king and the gods. To this end, the hall has been divided into sections, and its 323 scenes have been subjected to a meticulous analysis, and also for a deconstruction of its constituent parts. All this has permitted us to establish an interrelationship
more » ... en all of them, and the results allow for a deeper interpretation of the repertoire to levels not described previously
doi:10.25145/j.tde.2020.11.07 fatcat:bn32g4wrqvh5hcvclu3lpwq72e