Priyanjali, Y Manjula, M Kurian, Hod
Secure data communication is very important as the transmitted data can be hacked by some of the unauthorized users. To avoid the illegal accessing of the data two methods came into existence they are cryptography and steganography. Where cryptography just deals with encrypting the message, such that the plain text is converted into the cipher text form such it its converted into some other forms which cannot be readable by the unauthorized persons. Many researchers have been made to achieve
more » ... made to achieve the secureness of the data , the technique called steganography was proposed. Steganography is also called as invisible communication. The existence of communicated information is hided. This technique deals with the hiding of the data in digital media. To protect the transmitted data still more efficiently we can use cryptography along with steganography. In the image steganography most of the information is hided into the image. In the cryptography the contents of the messages are kept secret ,Whereas in the steganography the existence of the message is kept secret. Image is basically the 2-Dimensional,which consists of pixels. Usually the images are of two types gray scale images and normal images. In steganography two types of images are going to be used they are payload image and the carrier image. The payload image is the one which is also called as the secret file, which has to be transmitted over the carrier image. The payload image along with the carrier image is called stego file. The secret data is hidden in the cover image such that its invisible to the illegal users. The reliability of the information sent from the transmitter to the receiver should be maintained. The method improves the bit error rate and the PSNR.