Therapeutic Uses of Electricity and Magnetism

1873 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Messes. Editors,-The name of electricity carries with it an immense deal of power. Being something of which the public knows very little, they use the word very freely, and justly as well as ignorantly attribute great power to it. So they do to magnetism. The latter has great effect upon nervous, lazy, ignorant hypochondriacs, and on no one else. There are three classes of patients upon whom the electricity has an effect. To one it does good; a second class it injures; the third is the class
more » ... ird is the class upon whom the magnetism operates so powerfully, and-so does the last advertised drug, quack or otherwise. My reason for writing to you is to know who there are in the practice of medicine that you would point out as thoroughly competent electricians?, We in the country, as well as our more fortunately situated city brothers, like to try new methods, but we wish to do it in the best way. Here is a woman, who calls herself doctor, and has a box with a battery, which she carries about, administering to all whom she can get to employ her, the most infernal crampings and twistings imaginable. The rule seems to be-the more pain the better you feel afterwards. She came in the way of one
doi:10.1056/nejm187308280890907 fatcat:o7i75mg7ajg7pfpgikczdaf3oa