Relationship between Smokeless Tobacco Dependence and Psychiatric Disorders

Vijayraj N, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Vijayanagara Institute Of Medical Sciences, Ballari, Karnataka
2019 Academia Journal of Medicine  
The epidemiology of nicotine dependence indicates how strongly addictive a drug it is that nearly half of those who ever smoked steadily for a month become highly nicotine dependent. It is a psychoactive substance that induces euphoria, reinforces its own use, and leads to nicotine withdrawal syndrome when it is absent. Subjects and Methods: Written informed consent was taken from all the cases and controls prior to the detailed assessment. The personal data was recorded in the socio
more » ... data. They were administrated Modified Fagerstrom test for nicotine dependence [FTND] and those who were nicotine dependent were then screened for psychiatric morbidity using GHQ -12 [69] screening questionnaire. Results: Among those with psychiatric diagnosis majority had Major Depressive Disorder [24%], Generalized Anxiety disorder [18%], Mixed Anxiety Depressive disorder [10%] and Alcohol dependence syndrome[14%] as compared to nonnicotine dependents. Conclusion: Severity of Anxiety and depression increased with the severity of nicotine dependence among the cases.Coping skills were not significantly different between cases and controls.
doi:10.21276/ajm.2019.2.2.11 fatcat:tahqljtg3bgkhfhozfqgmmr7fm