Temporal concealment of video transmission errors using grid-deformation motion model

L. Atzori, F.G.B. De Natale, C. Perra
2000 Electronics Letters  
Strain and temperature rcsponses of ilic FBG sciisor were IIICRStired sepiralcly. The temperature was scl by using ii temperalui-c CoiitroIIcr and strain WBS applied hy using a micrometer-driven stage. The FUG sensor was addressed using ii light cmitting diode and tlic reflection spcctrum was monitored by an optical spectrum analyser. During the strain rcsponse mc;isurcrnenl, the tcmperaturc was kept at 22°C lo avoid c m r s rcsulting Roin tcinpcratnrc variations. Fig. 3 shows thc response of
more » ... e two Uragg wavclcnglhs l o slrain ;ipplied to the sciisor. The two wavelcngtlis s h o w similar strain responses; the vducs ofk" and Ite2 wcre estimiilcd l o bc 1.05 and I . O 4 p m /~, respcctivcly, as expected. Fig. 4 shuws ilie experimental rcsults Cor tciiipcrature rcspoiise imeasurcment whilc the FRG sensor was held unstraincd. The values of kT1 and ICy2 were eslirnalcd to he 10.6 and 9.2pmi"C, respectively. Er/Yh dop ing leads to a decrease in the thermo-optic coefficient of ilic fibre so that the tempcrature coeflicient of lhe grntiiig section in llie Er/ Yh-doped fibrc is less than that in Coming SMI:-28 fibi-c, ELECTRONICS LETTERS 8th June 2000 No,
doi:10.1049/el:20000768 fatcat:petqnfiyznbg3fdfm5nrlyobym