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1906 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
various stigmata are indications that epilepsy is not due solely to excess of uric acid, hyperpyremia or auto-intoxication. Diet may modify or reduce the number of attacks, but it does not cure. It has been claimed that an excessive amount of meat increases the attacks and that a farinaceous diet diminishes them, but a vegetarian diet has not proved satisfactory. Salt starvation is occasionally useful, but there is some risk of bromism. In half a dozen cases he has tried a purin-free diet with
more » ... rin-free diet with satisfactory results in diminishing the number of attacks. He allows milk, eggs, butter, cheese, rice, macaroni, tapioca, white bread, cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, sugar and fruits, and also articles containing a little purin, -pea meal, malted lentils, potatoes and onions. The foods to be avoided are tea, cocoa, coffee, fish, fowl, meat including
doi:10.1056/nejm190609271551311 fatcat:xwvryjkwirac5dwfmqmwrabaoa