Comparison of the Antioxidant Properties of Vitamins E, C and Copper in the Prevention of Molybdenum Toxicity in Rabbits

H Gerayesh-Borazjanian, A Rasooli, A Shahryari, H Najafzadehvarzi, M Nouri
2013 Armaghane Danesh Bimonthly Journal  
Background & aim: Oxidative stress is defined as an imbalance between oxidants and reluctant in the individual or its cells. The aim of this study was to compare the effects of antioxidant vitamins E and C in prevention of the toxicity of copper and molybdenum in rabbits. Methods: In this experimental study, 25 adult rabbits were randomly divided into 5 groups. The first group (control group) received no medication The second group received 80 mg/Kg/day sodium molybdate orally until symptoms of
more » ... toxicity, the third group received 4 mg/kg of copper sulfate orally with sodium molybdate, Group IV 150 mg/kg of vitamin E with sodium molybdate orally, and group V 20 mg/kg orally received vitamin C with sodium molybdate. Using the total antioxidant capacity parameters, malondialdehyde and ceruloplasmin levels in rabbit's serum parameters levels of oxidative stress and antioxidant defense were obtained after a 35-day trial. The obtained data was analyzed using ANOVA and Turkey's test. Results: The results of the present study indicated that molybdenum induced alopecia and depigmentation and molybdenum as a stress factor increased levels of malondialdehyde. So that the amount of malondialdehyde from 1.285 in the control group to 1.849 µM/L Molybdenum increased significantly. Although this indexes in the groups receiving vitamin E and C decreased significantly from 0.375 to 0.426 µM/L respectively. However, the total antioxidant capacity in any of the groups compared with the control group showed no change. Conclusion: Molybdenum toxicity is involved in the pathogenesis of oxidative stress and antioxidant agents of vitamins E and C can reduce its toxic effects. Key words: Antioxidant, Molybdenum, vitamin E, vitamin C, Copper, Rabbit
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