Person Reidentification Model Based on Multiattention Modules and Multiscale Residuals

Yongyi Li, Shiqi Wang, Shuang Dong, Xueling Lv, Changzhi Lv, Di Fan, Rui Wang
2021 Complexity  
At present, person reidentification based on attention mechanism has attracted many scholars' interests. Although attention module can improve the representation ability and reidentification accuracy of Re-ID model to a certain extent, it depends on the coupling of attention module and original network. In this paper, a person reidentification model that combines multiple attentions and multiscale residuals is proposed. The model introduces combined attention fusion module and multiscale
more » ... d multiscale residual fusion module in the backbone network ResNet 50 to enhance the feature flow between residual blocks and better fuse multiscale features. Furthermore, a global branch and a local branch are designed and applied to enhance the channel aggregation and position perception ability of the network by utilizing the dual ensemble attention module, as along as the fine-grained feature expression is obtained by using multiproportion block and reorganization. Thus, the global and local features are enhanced. The experimental results on Market-1501 dataset and DukeMTMC-reID dataset show that the indexes of the presented model, especially Rank-1 accuracy, reach 96.20% and 89.59%, respectively, which can be considered as a progress in Re-ID.
doi:10.1155/2021/6673461 fatcat:4ukp63juu5aevikktxy3zhhzym