Experimental Campaign of a Low-Cost and Replaceable System for Passive Energy Dissipation in Precast Concrete Structures

Mena, Franco, Miguel, Mínguez, Jiménez, González, Vicente
2020 Applied Sciences  
This research develops a new low-cost energy dissipation system, capable of being implemented in residential structures in developing countries with high seismic activity, in which the current solutions are not economically viable. These residential structures are entirely made of precast concrete elements (foundations, walls, and slabs). A solution is developed that consists of a new connection between a precast foundation and a structural wall, which is capable of dissipating almost all the
more » ... ng almost all the seismic energy, and therfore protecting the rest of the building from structural damage. To validate the solution, a testing campaign is carried out, including a first set of "pushover" tests on isolated structural walls, a second set of "pushover" tests on structural frames, and a final set of seismic tests on a real-scale three-storey building. For the first and second set of tests, ductility is analyzed in accordance with ACI 374.2R-13, while for the third one, the dynamic response to a reference earthquake is evaluated. The results reveal that the solution developed shows great ductility and no relevant damage is observed in the rest of the building, except in the low-cost energy dissipation system. Once an earthquake has finished, a precast building implemented with this low-cost energy dissipation system is capable of showing a structural performance level of "immediate occupancy" according to ACI 374.2R-13.
doi:10.3390/app10041213 fatcat:pfa7igf4e5gvrpcyudklfmtaqi