A Priority Based Technique to improve energy efficiency for multiple applications in Mobile computers

Romy Sinha, Mukesh Kumar Tripathi
International Journal of Emerging Trend in Engineering and Basic Sciences (IJEEBS) ISSN (Online)   unpublished
| Page Applications are classified into two categories according to their user-specified priority. When a service with a high priority is called, we check the service list that contains the concurrently-running applications. The applications with a low priority yield the resources to the new service, and other high-priority applications keep running and competing for the battery with the new one. When the new service has a low priority, we still check the service list. If there are
more » ... re are high-priority applications running, we reserve battery energy for them and the remaining energy is assigned to the new ser-vice for appropriate adaptation. Otherwise, each low priority application views itself as the only one using the battery, and all of them compete for the battery energy on a fair basis.