Practical Web Spam Lifelong Machine Learning System with Automatic Adjustment to Current Lifecycle Phase

Marcin Luckner
2019 Security and Communication Networks  
Machine learning techniques are a standard approach in spam detection. Their quality depends on the quality of the learning set, and when the set is out of date, the quality of classification falls rapidly. The most popular public web spam dataset that can be used to train a spam detector—WEBSPAM-UK2007—is over ten years old. Therefore, there is a place for a lifelong machine learning system that can replace the detectors based on a static learning set. In this paper, we propose a novel web
more » ... recognition system. The system automatically rebuilds the learning set to avoid classification based on outdated data. Using a built-in automatic selection of the active classifier the system very quickly attains productive accuracy despite a limited learning set. Moreover, the system automatically rebuilds the learning set using external data from spam traps and popular web services. A test on real data from Quora, Reddit, and Stack Overflow proved the high recognition quality. Both the obtained average accuracy and the F-measure were 0.98 and 0.96 for semiautomatic and full–automatic mode, respectively.
doi:10.1155/2019/6587020 fatcat:ijrbxkiihbdqla2fd32q4dwhj4