Adib Rochmansyah Dzulkarnaen, Nuruni Ika Kusuma Wardhani
2022 Economos  
Purchasing decisions are people's ideas to evaluate various options and make a decision to choose a product. The objective of this study is to determine the effect of the Promotion Mix (X1) on purchasing decisions. Restaurant attendance due to the Covid-19 pandemic within 1 year This value reaches trillions of dollars. The company is obliged to practice appropriate strategies to deal with this situation. Every company believes that all promotional views are mixed in a very efficient way to
more » ... ct customers and enhance a good corporate image. The purpose of this study is that the author wants to master and understand how promotion is carried out by reviewing the promotional mix. The method used is a questionnaire survey method, which is the collection of information questionnaires, field observations, and social observations through various media. The research proves that the promotional mix carried out by Pizza Hut in Surabaya in dealing with the circumstances that occur has implemented 3 aspects of the Promotional Mix, namely direct sales, public relations, and sales promotion. It can be concluded that the promotion mix can significantly influence purchasing decisions, it can be seen from the R-Square data of 51.70%.
doi:10.31850/economos.v5i1.1612 fatcat:fnowv6fdyjbjxmhxlsx4fvxeqa