Measurement ofMg25(p, γ)Al26gresonance strengths via accelerator mass spectrometry

A. Arazi, T. Faestermann, J. O. Fernández Niello, K. Knie, G. Korschinek, M. Poutivtsev, E. Richter, G. Rugel, A. Wallner
2006 Physical Review C  
The strengths of resonances located at center-of-mass energies of E c.m. = 189, 304, 374, and 418 keV for the 25 Mg(p,γ ) reaction have been measured for the first time with an off-line method: Mg targets were firstly activated with protons at the resonance energies and the produced 26 Al g nuclei were counted by means of highly sensitive accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS). Thus, the production of 26 Al in its ground state is determined independently from the γ -decay branching ratio. While
more » ... 304, 374, and 418 keV resonances show fair agreement with previous measurements, the 189 keV resonance yield a significantly less strength. In addition, an experimental upper limit for the E c.m. = 92 keV resonance was determined.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.74.025802 fatcat:waq3gn35pfgodes6wpkpnxtzfa