Online Donation Attitude and Satisfaction with Simple Mobile Payments: A Case of the Korean Red Cross

Dong-Hyuk Kim, Bo-Young Kim
2021 Societies  
COVID-19 and the fourth industrial revolution have rapidly changed our society into an overall contactless one. As smartphones become more popularized, donation methods are shifting to online activities that are beyond the traditional methods. In such a contactless society, mobile payment services are emerging as an innovative payment method. However, donation consolidation and persistence are lacking in online donation marketing and other online situations. This study empirically examines the
more » ... ffects of personal factors (unselfishness, self-esteem, and social norms) and technical factors (perceived usefulness, ease of use, and perceived behavioral control) on donation trust, attitude, and satisfaction if donations were made through a simple mobile payment system. To this end, an online questionnaire survey was carried out on donors using the Korean Red Cross' simple mobile payment service. By collecting 250 data samples, this study verified hypotheses. As a result of the analysis, social norms under the personal factors were significant, but unselfishness and self-esteem did not affect donors. The perceived usefulness and ease of use, which are technical factors, positively affected trust in donation, but the perceived behavioral control was not significant. Consequently, intrinsic behavioral influence factors such as personal unselfishness, self-esteem, or behavioral control did not significantly affect donation behavior, in contrast with traditional donation methods.
doi:10.3390/soc12010004 fatcat:hwjt5cf3hvehbfabxxrdpuxapq