Enhancing Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics via Antisqueezing: Synthetic Ultrastrong Coupling

C. Leroux, L. C. G. Govia, A. A. Clerk
2018 Physical Review Letters  
We present and analyze a method where parametric (two-photon) driving of a cavity is used to exponentially enhance the light-matter coupling in a generic cavity QED setup, with time-dependent control. Our method allows one to enhance weak-coupling systems, such that they enter the strong coupling regime (where the coupling exceeds dissipative rates) and even the ultra-strong coupling regime (where the coupling is comparable to the cavity frequency). As an example, we show how the scheme allows
more » ... the scheme allows one to use a weak-coupling system to adiabatically prepare the highly entangled ground state of the ultra-strong coupling system. The resulting state could be used for remote entanglement applications.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.120.093602 pmid:29547301 fatcat:e6rixspqfzaejn5wnfh22rgc3m