Implementation of a workflow for publishing citeable environmental data: successes, challenges and opportunities from a data centre perspective

Kathryn A. Harrison, Daniel G. Wright, Philip Trembath
2016 International Journal on Digital Libraries  
The NERC and CEH trademarks and logos ('the Trademarks') are registered trademarks of NERC in the UK and other countries, and may not be used without the prior written consent of the Trademark owner. Abstract 14 In recent years, the development and implementation of a robust way to cite data has 15 encouraged many previously sceptical environmental researchers to publish the data they 16 create, thus ensuring more data than ever are now open and available for re-use within and 17 between
more » ... h communities. Here we describe a workflow for publishing citeable data in 18 the context of the environmental sciencesan area spanning many domains and generating 19 a vast array of heterogeneous data products. The processes and tools we have developed 20 have enabled rapid publication of quality data products including datasets, models and 21 model outputs which can be accessed, re-used and subsequently cited. However, there are 22 still many challenges that need to be addressed before researchers in the environmental 23 sciences fully accept the notion that datasets are valued outputs and time should be spent in 24 properly describing, storing and citing them. Here we identify current challenges such as 25 citation of dynamic datasets and issues of recording and presenting citation metrics. In 26 conclusion, whilst data centres may have the infrastructure, tools, resources and processes 27 available to publish citeable datasets, further work is required before large-scale uptake of 28 the services offered is achieved. We believe that once current challenges are met, data 29 resources will be viewed similarly to journal publications, as valued outputs in a researcher's 30 portfolio, and therefore both the quality and quantity of data published will increase. 31 32 33
doi:10.1007/s00799-016-0175-5 fatcat:6iqohutzbnccxoegpnx7fqrhey