Optical conductivity of overdoped cuprate superconductors: Application to La2−xSrxCuO4

N. R. Lee-Hone, V. Mishra, D. M. Broun, P. J. Hirschfeld
2018 Physical review B  
We argue that recent measurements on both the superfluid density and the optical conductivity of high-quality LSCO films can be understood almost entirely within the theory of disordered BCS d-wave superconductors. The large scattering rates deduced from experiments are shown to arise predominantly from weak scatterers, probably the Sr dopants out of the CuO_2 plane, and correspond to significant suppression of T_c relative to a pure reference state with the same doping. Our results confirm the
more » ... "conventional" viewpoint that the overdoped side of the cuprate phase diagram can be viewed as approaching the BCS weak-coupling description of the superconducting state, with significant many-body renormalization of the plasma frequency. They suggest that, while some of the decrease in T_c with overdoping may be due to weakening of the pairing, disorder plays an essential role.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.98.054506 fatcat:gayv5qq2l5dsjarescytnu3kg4