Seeking Calmness and Self-cultivation -- The Thought Embodiment of Dietary Writing in Ji Shen Lu, a Novel of Strange Spirits in Song Dynasty

2022 Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences  
The song Dynasty developed agriculture, cooking techniques unprecedented development, food close to the people's life became a literary writing subject. The types, production methods and edible effects of diet became a popular concern of the public, which also led to the successful emergence of diet theme in song Dynasty literature, and a large number of works and poems related to diet appeared. Ji Shen Lu, a strange novel written by Xu Xuan in the Song Dynasty, recorded the supernatural and
more » ... ange things in plain and simple words, in which the writing of diet occupies a certain length. The supernatural and supernatural features highlighted in daily diet in plain words highlight the human nature and moral proposition behind it, and the height of the prose of the novel and the story gradually rises from the diet life to the spiritual level of seeking calm and self-cultivation.
doi:10.25236/ajhss.2022.050213 fatcat:frib7mdd5jhbzdthf2y5m2rwqu