School cultural congruity [chapter]

Mihya Weber, Chloe Zhang, Alessandra Mittelstet, Shane R. Jimerson
2021 Building Better Schools with Evidence-based Policy  
How to use this policy School cultural congruity refers to the cultural match between the school and the students and families who are served by the school. Elements of cultural (in)congruity exist within all areas of the school environment. For example, differences in school and student or family cultural values may exist in school rules and policies, expectations for students and parents, curriculum, methods of teaching, and approaches to discipline. Nonetheless, establishing a school
more » ... ng a school environment that is culturally congruent with the student population is valuable in promoting positive student academic outcomes (Amatea, 2009). School leaders, teachers, and student support staff are key in developing a culturally congruent school environment and should receive professional development and ongoing support to implement strategies aimed at promoting school cultural congruity. This policy example is intentionally broad and school policy creators are encouraged to delete and build upon suggestions below to create a policy that best represents their school. [To adapt and use this policy, delete or modify the text as indicated]
doi:10.4324/9781003025955-21 fatcat:ygczvc5i4rbuvbrocubqvppcoy