Wireless Medium Access Control Protocols

Pooja Sheoran, Priyanka, Vaibhav Jain
International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Technology (IJLRET)   unpublished
As the technology advances and telephone, cable and data networks converges into a single network, MAC (medium access control) protocols play momentous role in WSNs. MAC protocols define rules for accessing the shared medium efficiently. MAC protocols are used for energy conservation and to avoid collisions. In this paper we describe different MAC protocols for WSN. This paper presents the comparative study of different MAC protocols. It shows which protocol will be suitable for specific
more » ... tion and environment. The aim of this paper is to analyze the most energy efficient protocol so that MAC protocols can be categorized and their performance can be compared. There are some problems in existing MAC protocols that is in cellular systems QOS (quality of service) is not good, bandwidth efficiency issues and network synchronisation is difficult. Bluetooth is also having short range issue.