Wave interaction with caisson breakwater considering large sliding movements in mesh-free Lagrangian coordinate

Amir Taherkhani, Hassan Akbari
2019 مهندسی دریا  
An important point in design of coastal structures is their structural response to design waves. In this study, wave interaction with a caisson breakwater is studied numerically by means of a modified SPH method. An efficient method is introduced to take into account the static and dynamic sliding forces at the interface boundary beneath the caisson. After a validation test, a time history analysis is done to investigate the structural response of a caisson breakwater against waves. The results
more » ... waves. The results are compared with experimental data as well as with similar numerical outcomes. There are good compatibilities between the experiments and the predicted values regarding both caisson movements and applied wave forces. In addition, three different solid boundary conditions are applied and it is concluded that utilizing a dynamic boundary condition is computationally efficient and numerically appropriate for modeling the problems involve with solid-fluid interactions.
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